Honoring Mother's Day

Since Mother's Day is approaching...

As a co-founder of Sani Sak, and a daughter, I wanted to share my sentiments for all Mom's and write a tribute to both of "our" Mothers...Camille and Etta.

First of all, I want to be transparent and say, I didn't always get along with my Mom or Etta (and I am sure Kelly would have similar sentiments...lol).

I knew my Mother all of my life, of course, but there were many years I didn't see her due to my parent's inability to share custody in a loving way. I had a turbulent, often abusive, emotionally painful childhood, to say the least. However, I had the pleasure of knowing Kelly's Mom for 43 years...I suspect that she sensed my need for Motherly love and was often like a second Mom to me.

Mothers and Daughters

I don't know what it is about the "Mother/Daughter" relationship...it can be, at times, the best and the worst of us! I go through it with my own 3 daughters. 

What I have learned in more recent years is that no matter how difficult our relationships with our Mothers was or is...there isn't a day that goes by that I don't miss both of them or appreciate traits about them, in spite of their flaws or mistakes. 

Mom # 1

Camille was a strong, independent, stubborn, often spiteful woman. But under it all, she was wounded and broken from her own childhood, like so many of us, and didn't know how to properly process that. What I wish is that she was still here, so that I could visit with her through these newfound forgiving eyes...I would celebrate Mother's Day and honor that she gave me life. It wasn't always perfect...but it was the best she had.

Mom #2

Etta (Kelly's Mom) was a humorous, kind, sometimes uptight woman. She wanted things just so! She provided an ideal home for Kelly and her siblings and as a young girl, I wanted to be one of them. I yearned for their happy home! I was fortunate to spend a lot of hours with Etta, the last years of her life, and am so grateful I had the privilege of showing her my love and appreciation during that period.

No regrets

We don't have the option to travel back in time and display the love to our Mom's that the wisdom from losing someone brings to us...but we do have the gift of passing it on. No matter what you go through with your own Mom or your own children, how we spend this Mother's Day, and all future days, is what is in our hands.

Sadly, I can't show my Mom who I have become, (because of her and in spite of her), but I can continue to grow and seek change...so that my daughters, and all other women in my circle, yearn to be near me this season of my life and feel my appreciation, admiration, and love for them.

My hope is that this Mother's Day we all take the opportunity to show the women in our lives that we honor them.

Happy Mother's Day...

'Til we meet again...peace out nail nasties!

"We are born of love; Love is our mother." ~Rumi

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