About Us



We are Debra Lindy and Kelly Brown~co founders of Sani Sak. 

Often times, the best businesses are created when someone encounters a problem in their life, and instead of saying “Ugh” they say, “I’m gonna solve this.” And then they get to work.

And that is exactly what we did.

After realizing that the nail industry and salon tool sterilization was not regulated enough — which caused Kelly to catch a nail infection and permanently lose her thumbnails — Kelly decided to cut out her salon visits and do her own nails instead. 

This simple switch did instant wonders for the health of her other 18 nails, but Kelly knew it wasn’t sustainable! 

She wanted to be pampered at a nail salon just like everyone else. 

And so, to make sure she didn’t revert back to visiting an unsafe nail salon, Kelly set out to create a product that would help her feel comfortable, and safe, while enjoying a good manicure that she desired so badly. So she did what any other smart woman would do – she contacted her childhood best friend to help her create it! Debra was a salon owner and a manicurist so it was a perfect match.

Several months later, Sani Sak was born. Several years later, we are finally able to introduce Sani Sak to you.

Creating something safe, complete, cute, trendy, affordable AND easy to use was nearly impossible, but we persevered because it was the right thing to do. With the knowledge we had we knew quitting wasn't an option. We had learned that most people assume their salon tools are squeaky clean and sanitized and unfortunately, often times they are not! 75% of salons investigated tested positive for harmful bacteria on salon tools. 

Once we understood the gravity of these test results we knew exactly what we wanted to deliver and we knew nothing would stop us from protecting others!

Our Mission  

We started Sani Sak to help prevent others from suffering the same fate as Kelly, and thousands of others that have been victims to similar and sometimes worse infections and outcomes. We want to make sure you still have the pleasure of visiting a salon, and be protected from the hidden dangers you are exposed to, at the same time! 

Our company was born out of a woman’s desire to live a healthier and pampered lifestyle, and everything we do today is meant to help others do the same.


Thank you for choosing Sani Sak!



safety first


"Sani Sak is a great product that provides an alternative solution to the serious problem of nail salon hygiene, an issue that can cause life changing injuries and even death. The fact that the tools are made of stainless steel is important because if you wanted to thoroughly sterilize your tools that can be done in an autoclave."

– Dr Robert Spalding author of "Death by Pedicure"